The Culinary Experience

Full High-end menu

Enjoy the gourmet meals prepared by local and international star-rated chefs. 



Erev Shabbos you will be given a taste of Shabbos with a delectable toameha  of kugel etc. Friday night each table is set for a heimishe Shabbos atmosphere with wine challos and everything desired.

You will be served a full course Shabbos meal consisting of all Shabbos delectable. Fish will be served with a wide choice of dips and salads, thereafter you will be served the rest of the seuda that will be completed with a scrumptious sweet table. Shabbos morning, shortly after davening a great Kiddush is set, with a grand buffet of various mouthwatering cakes, ​and kugels.

At the morning seudah you will be served all traditional Shabbos food. “Seuda-Shlishis” consists of an extragavant dairy/milchig spread of cake, fish & salads.